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A Libertarian Governor?


This campaign is not a pedestal to be the voice of 1.25 million Mainers, instead the purpose is far more inclusive and less self-serving: Richard Light and his team are running for Governor to fight for Mainers to have a pedestal for every voice, a pedestal that every Mainer can stand on and be heard, to have individual voices resound through the channels of business, education, and government, and to have an opportunity to be the force of innovation that has been robbed from us.


Maine is a welfare state; not only in the sense that many Mainers are on welfare, but that the State of Maine receives money from the federal government at a far higher rate than it pays in. We have lost industry, we have lost innovation, and we have lost the will to fight for them. No one is bringing the machines back, no one is going to undo the damage the global economy and technology has wrought on Mainers, but we can look to the future and we can be the economic engine of the future.


Maine can be the home and preferred destination to more than summer crowds and lifelong residents. Maine has a chance to take this economy by the horns and tear a new path of wealth from the wreckage. Through continued investment in what we already do, we can push Maine into an environment of business and forward momentum. When we stop buying the lies and start working for ourselves, Maine will be put on the path to overcome our deficits by posting billions in new revenue.


We are offering nothing less but much more than we already do. As a result of the policies to be released closer to the 2018 election, Maine can finally see what we have missed under the umbrella of political cronyism and regressive thinkers.








Every political candidate has the same promises: "Lower taxes and help with job creation".

And yet, through the promises, politicians get into office, get rich, make their crony corporatist friends and families rich, and leave office having done nothing but raise taxes and destroy jobs and our futures.

I challenge you to research the Libertarians, Republicans, and Democrats running for office. I challenge you to understand their positions through the lens of their worldviews, experience, and education. I challenge you to read deeper into politics than this team versus that team. I challenge you to open your mind. 





The jobs plan here would add up to 7,000 jobs in the first month while opening the door for hundreds of thousands of well-paying jobs for Mainers for decades to come. 
These plans add not only jobs but a direction for Maine to look forward to. These plans are job creators, economic booms, and a future for Maine, Maine workers, Maine retirees, and Maine's future generations. 






Through the links in the "Main Menu" you will find jobs plans, tax plans, and much more. 

Be optimistic! I am, and we can work together to ensure Maine is on track for the future we all know it can have. 


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Millennial Slavery: Intergenerational Debt, Potato Economics 101, the Modern-Monetary-Farce

Richard Light


Millennials are slaves; we are born into slavery through a debt which is stolen back from us as forced, extorted labor throughout our entire lives. We are slaves to a debt we neither made, nor spent, nor contracted. We are slaves to the debts of our parents, we are slaves to the debts of a Corporation (the United States Government), and we are slaves to the debts burdening the United States’ as a result of corporate bailouts, bonds (government loans), and Corporate-Government deficits. We are slaves to the private, World-Bank, the privately owned “political” system, and Keynesian Modern-Monetary-Theory.


Debt bondage (also known as debt slavery or bonded labor) is a person's pledge of their labor or services as security for the repayment for a debt or other obligation. The services required to repay the debt may be undefined, and the services' duration may be undefined. Debt bondage can be passed on from generation to generation.



Millennials of the United States are born into 48,000 dollars of debt in 2016. An infant who breathes their first breathe is born with a debt which they never agreed to, never benefit from, and can never repay. When Millennials become working age, their share of the intergenerational debt is more than 87,000 dollars. By the time Millennials are able to take on their first full time employment, the debt they must begin to pay off, a debt which doubles every 9 years, is deducted from their labors at approximately 35%. In other words, a Millennial must work 14 hours a week (for no pay) in order to sustain the current interest on their intergenerational debt. The debt itself does not go down; the interest on the debt continues to accumulate; the burden of the debt continues to devalue the money Millennials earn, reducing the power of their dollar to buy anything; the government continues to borrow on the behalf of children yet born; and the debt of the generation to follow is more than that of the generation who did the borrowing.



The theory of Keynesian economics and Modern Monetary theory is that a government borrowing money on the behalf of the future generation would be able to invest the borrowed money in order for it to grow as an investment, netting not only a gain for the generation that spends the money but also increasing the value of the borrowed money to benefit the generation which will inherit the debt (and supposed interest).


Modern monetary theory explained in terms of potato economics:

What is supposed to happen:

1)      I borrow 10 potatoes from my son.

2)      I plant the borrowed 10 potatoes (invest them) and grow 100 potatoes over the course of 18 years.

3)      My son is handed the 10 potatoes when he turns 18; he is also handed the interest of 90 potatoes which I owe him as interest on his investment.

4)      My son is nine times better off than he would be when he turned 18 if I had never invested his potatoes on his behalf.

What actually happens:

1)      I borrow 10 potatoes from my son.

2)      I eat or otherwise consume and use the potatoes.

3)      I gain more at the cost of my son and with that I am able to retire, live beyond my means, and suffer no burden, but instead show a gain in my life for the act of borrowing from my son.

4)      My borrowing incurs interest, which becomes a debt of 100 potatoes when my son turns 18.

5)      My son turns 18, inherits the debt of 100 potatoes, and forever more must work to pay down the debt and interest which he has been saddled with on my behalf.

The theory of borrowing from your children has roots in a philosophically stable ideology, but the reality of implementation has proven that stealing from your children benefits you now and enslaves them later.

The national debt of the United States is not mine, it is not my generation’s debt, and its continued growth through devaluation and interest is no more than generational slavery imposed on us through a private corporation (The United States Government) handing our futures to Bankers (through payouts), Corporations (through subsidies), and to America’s Communistic Institutions (through bonds and bureaucrat entitlements).   

The general population thinks they benefit from these “investments”. The illusion is that social security, Medicaid, and other programs are investments in the future which will benefit all persons to be born and live in the United States. The reality is that programs that help the generation of today were invested in by the generation of today and should have been solvent in the taxes paid by the generation of today. The National debt is in fact only a money laundering scheme by which the future generation is stolen from in order for the current generation’s bankers, politicians, bureaucrats, and corporate elites to benefit. These bankers, politicians, bureaucrats, and corporate elites invest the money they steal on their own behalf. The result is that the bankers, politicians, bureaucrats, and corporate elites gain interest while the generations who were stolen from gain more debt.


We will never pay this debt. We cannot work enough hours for free to pay down this debt. As it is, Millennials work 14 hours per week as slaves to the bankers, politicians, bureaucrats, and corporate elites which stole our money, and with it, our futures.

Moreover, the math is even worse when you take into account that 40% of Millennials are unemployed and 40% of Millennials are under-employed (part-time, low-wage).   These numbers actually mean our generational debt is increasing far faster than we are gaining means to pay for it. The result is that the debt will grow beyond our ability to even manage the interest (projected for 2018-2020). We are broke as a nation; we continue to borrow on generations who are not yet born, our national budget exceeds our national income every year which further buries us in more and more debt.

Being born to debt and having your labor stolen from you for the rest of your life to pay for a debt you never incurred is slavery. There is no other definition but slavery which fits the model our government has imposed on its people. Our masters are bankers, politicians, bureaucrats, and corporate elites who have benefited from and continue to benefit from our slave-debt.

This cannot continue, this will not continue. Either we stand against this debt or we endure our slavery until the debt collectors collect. Be it an international force of countries which invade and occupy our nation as our new masters, or be it that the private bankers who manipulated this debt into our slavery capitalize directly on their control by stealing the remainder of our labors (this is actually happening now as we have to work more and more to pay the minimum slave-debt), if we do not rise against this debt and slavery, we will no longer able to be able to fight for our freedom.