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Maine is independent, so is the best choice for our Governor in 2018

Congratulations, against all odds you have stumbled onto a page which addresses the real issues we face in America and offers not only peer-reviewed, but experienced, collaborative solutions for Maine's future. 

If you miss out on the links here, you miss a great opportunity to learn about Maine government and the tools toward a better future for ALL Mainers. Please take a minute and look around this page.

A Libertarian Governor?


This campaign is not a pedestal to be the voice of 1.25 million Mainers, instead the purpose is far more inclusive and less self-serving: Richard Light and his team are running for Governor to fight for Mainers to have a pedestal for every voice, a pedestal that every Mainer can stand on and be heard, to have individual voices resound through the channels of business, education, and government, and to have an opportunity to be the force of innovation that has been robbed from us.


Maine is a welfare state; not only in the sense that many Mainers are on welfare, but that the State of Maine receives money from the federal government at a far higher rate than it pays in. We have lost industry, we have lost innovation, and we have lost the will to fight for them. No one is bringing the machines back, no one is going to undo the damage the global economy and technology has wrought on Mainers, but we can look to the future and we can be the economic engine of the future.


Maine can be the home and preferred destination to more than summer crowds and lifelong residents. Maine has a chance to take this economy by the horns and tear a new path of wealth from the wreckage. Through continued investment in what we already do, we can push Maine into an environment of business and forward momentum. When we stop buying the lies and start working for ourselves, Maine will be put on the path to overcome our deficits by posting billions in new revenue.


We are offering nothing less but much more than we already do. As a result of the policies to be released closer to the 2018 election, Maine can finally see what we have missed under the umbrella of political cronyism and regressive thinkers.








Every political candidate has the same promises: "Lower taxes and help with job creation".

And yet, through the promises, politicians get into office, get rich, make their crony corporatist friends and families rich, and leave office having done nothing but raise taxes and destroy jobs and our futures.

I challenge you to research the Libertarians, Republicans, and Democrats running for office. I challenge you to understand their positions through the lens of their worldviews, experience, and education. I challenge you to read deeper into politics than this team versus that team. I challenge you to open your mind. 





The jobs plan here would add up to 7,000 jobs in the first month while opening the door for hundreds of thousands of well-paying jobs for Mainers for decades to come. 
These plans add not only jobs but a direction for Maine to look forward to. These plans are job creators, economic booms, and a future for Maine, Maine workers, Maine retirees, and Maine's future generations. 






Through the links in the "Main Menu" you will find jobs plans, tax plans, and much more. 

Be optimistic! I am, and we can work together to ensure Maine is on track for the future we all know it can have. 


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