Born and raised in Maine, I am a U.S. Army Veteran with experience and education in Business, Law Enforcement, Education, Mental Health Counseling, and Town & County Government.

Throughout my life I have served to keep the world beautiful through my art and poetry, facilitating a future for clients and children, and lifting my fellow man from the bondage of indoctrinated inferiority.


As a husband and father I am truly blessed. My political interests stem from understanding and experiencing the road blocks to middle wage, the apathy of government to address citizens’ issues, and the future which our children need. 



An overview of my work history, education, and experience is provided below. What should be evident is that I have always been a worker. Having my first apartment at 16 and first full time employment that same year, I have always challenged my station in life. Through hard work in both the business and service sectors, I do not speak or write about segments of the economy in which I have no investment or experience. 



Social Worker, Counselor:



Mental health, Psychology, and education have been recurrent themes within all my career choices. People management, leadership, advocacy, rehabilitation, and encouraging success coupled with my versatility have given me a tool box of diversity and compassion which has ensured facilitation of positive change. Through understanding the diversities and commonalities of human behavior, I continue to learn, adapt, and evolve into an empowering Counselor.


Mental Health Education

CACREP accredited Capella University, MN: 2013-2016      

Master of Science in Counseling Psychology

Career and Life Planning, Ethics, Crisis, Culture, Development, Assessments, Families, Adolescents, Children, Groups, Sexuality, Psychopathology, Personality, Research, Psychotherapy, and Addictions.


Kaplan University, Chicago, IL: 2012-2013                                    

Masters of Science in Educational Psychology

Neurobiology, Lifespan Development, Educational Psychology



LightSpeedArts: Education and Mental Health Consultation: 2000-Present

Riverview Psychiatric: State Psychiatric Hospital: 2013-2014

Spurwink School: Non-Profit Behavioral School: 2012-2013

Providence Corporation: Non-Profit Home Counseling: 2012

John F. Murphy Homes: Non-Profit Residential Services: 2001-2002


Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS)

·         Behavioral Health Professional (BHP)

·         Mandated Reporter

·         School-Based BHP


Mental Health Professional Development

Overview & Skill-Building: Delivery of Dialectical Behavioral Therapy- Richard Watson LCSW (9-15-14).

Celebrate Experience-AMHCA Maine 2014 Conference  (10- 17-14)

"Ethics in the Therapeutic Relationship" - Greggus Yahr  PhD, LCPC

"Finding Diamonds: Story, Sandtray & Play with Children" - Susanne Carroll Duffy  Psy.D.

"How to Use Art Effectively in Groups: Practical Skills & Creative Exercises" - Jim Gorham LCPC

"Interpersonal Effectiveness, The Essence of the  DBT Module" - Greggus Yahr PhD, LCPC

CANS Developmental Profile & Autism Spectrum Profile – The Pread Foundation (04-23-15)

Recovery Perspectives Webinar – Co-occurring Collaborative Servicing Maine (6-4-15)

Children and Residential Experiences (CARE) – Debra Bunce, Ph.D., Corey Jamison, LCSW (8-30-12)

Recovery Oriented Practice – Patricia Deegan, PhD (11-21-15)

Suicide Assessment for Clinicians – Greg Marley LCSW, National Alliance on Mental Health (3-3-15)

CAFAS Reliability Training – Steven Stein, PhD (5-28-15)

Mental Health First Aid – National Council for Behavioral Health (5-1-15)


 Law Enforcer, Soldier:


A foster child raised on the streets of Lewiston and Portland Maine left a mark of desire for public service and social justice on my heart. Through High School I earned 440 hours of technical law enforcement education and successfully landed a corrections job after school. Corrections inspired a desire to offer my physical and mental aptitudes to the benefit of the nation’s defense department. I served Infantry until I lost my knee; adapting to my physical limitations while retaining the social justice motivations that led me to serve, drove me to our State Psychiatric Hospital. Perspectives juxtaposed between my service, corrections, and psychiatric experiences encouraged me to license in counseling. 


Law Enforcement & Military Education:

University of Maine, Orono: 2007-2008

Minor: Military Science


Lewiston Technical School, Lewiston: 1997-1998

Law Enforcement (440 Hour)


Department of Justice (DOJ), Department of Defense (DOD)

·         Officer Training Course

·         U.S. Army Infantry School

·         Level A & B Corrections School



Riverview Psychiatric: State Psychiatric Hospital: 2013-2014

U.S. Army: National Defense Department: 2006-2010

Androscoggin County Sheriff’s Dept: County Jail: 1999-2000


·         Red Cross First Aid

·         Red Cross CPR (child/Adult) 

·         TCI (Therapeutic Crisis Intervention)

·         PCI (Physical Crisis Intervention)

·         MANDT System (Healthy Positive Relationships)

·         NAPPI (Non-Abusive Physical and Psychological Intervention



Since High School, I have been in advanced placement math and sciences; in college my major shifted from Biology to English branching into the depths of various humanities, Art, history, philosophy, Social Sciences, Economics, and Automotives while still retaining a course load of Sciences and Mathematics. My Master’s program began in Educational Psychology but shifted to Counseling Psychology. Since 9th grade I have been a tutor which led me to offer the service as an adult; eventually, I landed a position within a school before putting my skills back to use with local homeschoolers.



LightSpeedArts: Education and Mental Health Consultation: 2000-Present

Spurwink Behavioral School: Non-Profit Behavioral School: 2012-2013

Sylvan Learning Center: For-profit Tutoring Service:  2013


Educational Testing Service & State of Maine Department of Education

·         Math: 184 (Praxis 5730)

·         Writing: 182 (Praxis 5720)

·         Reading: 175 (Praxis 5710)

·         020 (K-8 general Ed) Conditional

·         CHRC (K-12)

·         021, 022, 023, 028 (B-12)


Private industry:


Management: Throughout my work history, I have always sought more responsibility and working knowledge of every position around me; this understanding of the dynamics of my employer and ceaseless work ethic have ensured quick promotions. From labor to fast food and restaurants to retail, my experience has always been from the bottom up.

Experience: In all the time I have worked, it was rarely at only one job. High energy and motivation kept me working 40, 50, 60, and 80 hours a week; for the first years of my employment, this included walking to work (a motivated proposition in Maine climates and sprawling terrain), working nightshifts, and juggling youthful attempts of social time.


GameStop – Retail - Sales/Store Management: 2012-2013

Best Western – Hotel - Sales/Service: 2012

Denny’s – Restaurant - Waiter/Cook/Manager:  2006-2012

Ruby Tuesday – Restaurant - Waiter/Quality Assurance: 2010-2011

Tim Horton’s – Fast Food - Cook/Shift Management : 2010

Ground Round – Restaurant - Waiter/Service Manager: 2001-2004

Pizza Hut – Restaurant - Cook/Waiter: 2000-2001

Marois Fine Dining – Waiter/Service Trainer: 2000-2001

Governors - Restaurant – Waiter: 2000-2001

Carriage House Café – Waiter/Service Manager: 1999-2005

Dingly Press – Printing Mill – Shift Worker: 1999

Telemark – Call Center- Phone Sales: 1998-1999

Heartland - Restaurant – Cook/ Shift Manager: 1998-1999

Taco Bell – Fast Food – Cook: 1998

Burger King – Fast Food - Cook/Shift Manager: 1997-1998

Sunday River – Ski Resort - Bus boy: 1995