Your Choice, Your Voice, Our Future

What I am offering Maine is nothing like what others who have run for this position have offered. I have never wanted someone to be my voice, and I do not offer to be yours. I am using this opportunity to shine light on the system that creates a stage for elites and keeps everyone else from having a voice. I am running for Governor of Maine to educate, and if we win, I am smashing the stage so everyone may have their voice heard equally.

Our system is disenfranchising, falsely binary, oppressive, and fraught with contention and slavery. We can rise against this or we can continue on the same path. It has been the result of the American system that generation after generation left this nation (and the world) freer and more prosperous than the last. We cast off race-based slavery, we have destroyed the notion that one gender should rule while the other obeys, we had built a nation of rights and freedom… but, we have backslidden. Our nation is not better off than it was a generation ago. We are in unprecedented debt, have resurfaced racism and sexism, we have instilled a class warfare, and we are being oppressed by fascism and authoritarians. Generation X and Millennials have less opportunity, less ability to grow and flourish, and less unity than our grandparents.

We have been slowly taken over by a rotting infestation of cronies, puppet masters, propagandists, and dictators. As our nations becomes more centralized, Maine can stand in opposition. We have an opportunity to demonstrate what America has lost. Maine has strong educators, doctors, nurses, social workers, counselors, laborers of all types, and most respectably, we have strong work and moral ethics. Our State has diversity and a will to surpass obstacles and be reveled across the nation and world. We need the will to see an opportunity through the despair.

By continuing what we do best, by growing rather than contracting, by embracing innovation and adaptation rather than antiquity and failed ideas, we can guide America back to prosperity. Maine can be the economic engine of tomorrow’s America. Through this book, we have covered Education, Healthcare, ideological spectrums, Corrections, Rehabilitation, Culture, Community, politics, Economics, Energy, business, debt, governance, and a slew of other topics.

Through this journey, we have delved into what keeps us from growth, how we can overcome oppressing obstruction, and what we could do to drop the shackles and pick up prosperous freedom. Reaching a better future for everyone takes change. Change is not always easy; change is often coupled with fear. We need not fear the future and change when we can be so positively impacted. When we decide to swallow our fear and move toward a better future, we will be unstoppable. I am applying for a job: the executive position of our State of Maine. This is your choice, your voice, our future. 

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The prequel to Your Choice, Your Voice, Our Future, this book is full of references and math...

There is nothing more valued than freedom, without it families are nothing more than livestock, life is no more than forced labor, and you (an individual) are no more than what your master can elicit from you. Simply, this book is an overview of basic political philosophies, a reminder of what the Bill of rights looks like, a guide to a zero-profit government, and a story of frustration and hope. Use this information to defend yourself, lift your community, and promote a future for your children and grand kids; use this book as a compass toward freedom from slavery.

You live in America, a nation heralded as the freest nation on earth… But is it? What freedoms do you have exactly? You might think you are free, you might think you have freedom, but reality proves that in America, even the rich aren’t actually free, we pay homage to and gain permission from the United States Government:


This book will test your ability to understand law and philosophy. The challenge for you will be not be understanding the logic in this presentation, but recognizing the depth of dissonance and discarding slavery through mental revolution. 



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